Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Easy, Sweet Sack Party Mixes

We carry a wide variety of colorful and printed sweet sacks. From chevron to stripes, out paper bags are the perfect way to serve up popcorn, french fries are an easy way to pass around some scrumptious party mix at your little one's backyard birthday party. Although versatile, this one obvious way to use our sweet sacks is probably our favorite ... since we can get so creative with its contents. Like we these scrumptious (and easy to create) party, snack mixes. Take a peek at these easy recipes!

Our Pink Sweet Sacks fill with Cupcake Puppy Chow from Sally's Baking Addiction

Pink Sweet Sacks with Cupcake Snacks 

These light pink, patterned sweet sacks call for a snack equally as sweet to fill them up with. That's where this deliciously sugary recipe comes in handy. The secret ingredient to this wonderfully creative puppy chow recipe? Rainbow-colored sprinkles, of course!

Our Rainbow Sweet Sacks filled with Churro Snack Mix from Key Ingredient

Colorful Sweet Sacks with Churro Snacks 

There's something so festive and fun about our rainbow sacks that inspire me to throw a fiesta filled with delicious, slow-roasted chicken tacos and my famous, extra cheesy (and spicy) queso. But, even better, filling these sacks up with this incredible recipe for churro snack mix, would give all the guests am easy (and delicious) farewell!

Our Black and White Polka Dot Sacks filled with Spicy Snack Mix from Simply Organic

Polka Dot Sweet Sacks with Spicy Snacks 

Now we have our posh and proper sacks adorned with a classic, black and white print. Naturally, we'd want to sass it up a bit with some spicy bites inside! This mix calls for some cheese crackers, let me scream from the rooftop that Annie's Cheddar Bunnies are phenomenally yummy!

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