Monday, January 20, 2014

Valentine's Day Table Moodboards: The Right Feelings and Vibes

Here at Outside the Box Papers, we’re all about preparation and enjoying each and every bit of the planning process. Like we always say, when it comes to a birthday party or a holiday dinner, it’s nice to let go of the stress and soak up the fun stuff. From picking out your centerpiece accents to setting the mood, every part of the design prep is an integral step in creating a top to bottom experience. That’s why today we wanted to bring you some feel good inspiration in the form of moodboards. We have three different moods and feelings in mind for a Valentine's Day party, dinner or just a simple get together for you and your gal pals. We took bits and pieces of quintessential V-Day decor and paired it up with some of our favorites. Take a peek and be inspired by our Valentine's Day table moodboards!

Classic Hearts Style with our Red & White Polka Dot Candy Cups

Classic Hearts valentine's day 
1, 2

Create a fun and whimsical party for the neighborhood kiddos or moms by throwing together something easy! Use our candy cups for quick pick ups. Dip some pink marshmallows in chocolate for the party favor. And make sure you have plenty of felt garland decorating the table too.

Parisian Love Style with our French Pastry Treat Bags

Parisian Love valentine's day 
1, 2

I love a bit of romance, so a style paired with vintage flavors and French accents are right up my alley. Celebrate Valentine's day with your loved one by creating a secluded romantic dinner, complete with roses, love notes and homemade treats trapped inside our Parisian-inspired pastry bags.

Cupidly Cute Style with our Mini Chalkboard Hearts

Cupidly Cute valentine's day 
1, 2

This is the style to go with if you plan on having a dinner party to celebrate good ole St. Valentine. Use our adorable mini chalkboard hearts to mark everyone's seat. Bring in a bit of hipster vibes by decorating the centerpiece with some of Cupid's boho arrows and then, serve up cupcakes, because, well, everyone loves cupcakes!

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