Monday, January 27, 2014

Product Feature: Bunches of Beautiful Tulle

What's a party without a bit of tulle. Whether you're covering a package, making a skirt or dressing a festive celebration in fun, popping and voluminous colors ... tulle works every time. And we have three beautiful, sparkling colors, at a great price, to help you with it all. Take a look!

Green Tulle 

A bright and sparkling roll of of this vibrant fabric can certainly set off spring birthday presents. Fill the table with a shining table running or make party puffs out of it too. It's a vivacious, living color and such a neutral bit of crafting supplies.

Blue Tulle 

Now we have some beautiful, lagoon blue tulle. Create a splashing arrangement at the next pool party .. or wrap up some gifts for a baby shower! Then again, how amazing would a canopy be for the little one's bedroom with this bit of sparkle fabric.

Pink Tulle 

This pink couldn't be anymore perfect for a princess tutu. And what little girl doesn't want a princess tutu?! Or, you could grab some of this glittering supply and make a spring wreath for the front door by using this as the foundation. Add some florals, tulips are my favorite, and you've got something special to light up the doorway.

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