Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter-Flavored Inspiration: Minty Green Holidays

It's finally here! Snow is on the horizon and the temperatures have dropped. Hot cocoa has become an everyday staple and the biggest decision of the day is not whether to wear boots but which boots to wear. It's wintertime! And that means lots of frosty-hued inspiration. Decorate your next dinner party or centerpiece idea by using a bit of minty green. It's youthful, it pays homage to the season but still infuses a feeling of life and vibrancy. We've put together 3 small moodboards to help inspire your next luncheon or neighborhood swap, of course, with the inclusion of our favorite color this week ... the mintiest of mint greens!

Green Paper Straws 

Use some of our bright green and white paper straws to highlight a mint chocolate milkshake or frozen hot chocolate. The grassy shade will highlight a table filled with lighter, winter greens while making it feel stylish and effortlessly monochromatic-modern.

Christmas Party Pack 

Use our party pack to start your cookie swap planning off right. Paired with a minty green tablecloth and your homemade mint chocolate cookies, your guests will become "green" with envy. The mint green serves as a solid neutral to your darker shades of green, bright red and fun print paper designs in our packs.

Red and Green Crepe Paper Basket 

Use our red and green crepe paper baskets as favors! Send your guests home with some of those mint chocolate cookies or even some after dinner mints! Serve your homemade mint chocolate fudge in these cute baskets and lay them on the counter to be picked up. Again the mint green tones down the harsher, quintessential holiday colors while keeping the style more subtle and frosty for wintertime.

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