Monday, December 9, 2013

What to Serve: Our Products Paired with Tasty Treats {Part 1}

With our products on the left and some inspiring, delicious inspiration on the right, you'll get a feel for what you can do with our classic products without stuffing them with only the most classic of treats. We're outside-the-box, after all, and love a bit of outside-the-box thinking, creating and entertaining. Whether it's a birthday party or a bridal shower, here are some fun ideas for what to serve using our very own products!

Serve Open-Faced Chili Dogs in our Clear Banana Split Boats

Clear Banana Split Boats

The last thing you may associate with a banana split is a big ole' chili dog. But, it's a fan-favorite and it's easy to serve that messy, backyard treat in one of our banana boats! It'll contain the mess and look super chic (as chic as a chili dog can get) in these bowls.

French Fries served in Sweet Sacks

Our sweet sacks aren't just for carrying around cookies and brownies, they can easily make your lunch table pop with a bit of casual pizzazz. Whether it's homemade potato chips or french fries, they slip right inside our paper bags for an adorable touch to any meal.

Serve Chocolate-Covered Cake Pops in our Glassine Bags

Serve Cake Pops in Peanut Bags

Our glassine bags are great for serving peanuts, fried food and even cookies, but they'd also be a great way to serve up some cake pops! They'll show off the adorably decorated sweet treat and keep the icing from getting messed up!

Serve Waldorf Salad in checkered paper trays

Instead of filling up our checkered Kraft trays with chips and salsa or even a burger and fries, why not serve up a yummy, fresh and healthier lunch? Waldorf salad would sure look good nestled into this relaxed lunch tray. It's the perfect way to create a casual meal, without all the fuss, while still eating something good.

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