Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Black and White, Casual Dinner Accessories with OTBP Products!

And the winner of the Christmas Party Pack is ... Entry Number 16 ... CANDACE!


Not every dinner party has to be dressed from head to toe in formality. You don't have to polish the silver every time or get out your best wine glasses. Instead, it's okay to throw together a casual dinner for your best gal pals or old high school buddies. That's where we come in. You can create a quick and adorable stash with some of our favorite products. Let's take a look at 5 casual dinner accessories that we believe are essential to the perfect last minute, low-key dinner party!

Black and White Paper Straws 

Black and white is perfect when throwing together a casual look while still wanting to be fresh and stylish. We love the combination of prints and designs which gives your drinks an extra bout of sass and trend-worthy appeal.

Key Brass Napkin Rings 

Nix the burlap and just use these small clock and key napkin rings to embellish each place setting. Although brass, they'll still jazz up a classy, black and white scape.

Damask Paper Placemat 

Cover the table with these charming and sophisticated paper placemats. The paper will keep it casual, and the print will turn things up just enough in the style department.

Black and white Chalkboard Labels 

Use some of our dainty chalkboard labels to label everyone's drink. When you have a handful or more people over to gather, it's essential that you have something to keep everyone's drinks sorted and these are the perfect solution!

Black and White Cupcake Wrappers 

And finally, you've got some polka-dotted cupcake wrappers to round out the night. Whether you're serving cupcakes or just serving some sweet or salty snacks throughout the nice, these are the perfect ways to serve them up!

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