Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Paper Straws + The Perfect Milkshakes

You may have a stash of adorable paper straws hidden in a kitchen drawer somewhere.  But, what's the point of having these charming drink accents without a reason to use them? It could be a birthday party or just and everyday treat, whatever the case, your paper straws are the perfect way to dress up your homemade milkshakes. We've compiled 5 of our favorite batches of paper straws and paired them with delicious milkshakes for lots of inspiration and admiration .. take a peek ...

Pink Paper Straws 

Be rid of that plastic straw and dress this frosty, fruity treat with something that accentuates its color and taste! Of course, the obvious choice would be a strawberry banana smoothie top with one of our pink and white paper straws, but with our outside-the-box paper products, we like to think even more outside-the-box with our sweet treats!

Colorful Paper Straws  

What's better for a birthday party than a colorful mix and match of sorts? With our combo pack you get an array of patterns and colors that go perfectly with a fun and free birthday theme. Drop these fun paper straws into a banana split milkshake (topped with sprinkles, of course) for a fun and memorable treat!

Yellow Paper Straws 

With such a light and bright functional accent, why  not add something a bit more muted to your table. A chocolatey, coconut-filled milkshake sounds delicious enough. And topped with one of our yellow and white paper straws, they'll look adorable and welcoming too!

Red Paper Straws 

Although this delicious and dainty white wedding cake milkshake looks to be already trimmed with a red and white straw, we think our hearts make for an even better adornment. Perfect for a bridal shower or afternoon reception treat, this duo will knock everyone's socks off.

Blue Paper Straws 

We love how the blue plays with an orangey tone. It spruces it up for a casual birthday or friendly spring get-together. The roasted flavor also bodes well in the fall, maybe even with a yummy slice of warm, apple pie. Garnish with a slice of roasted peach to nibble and top the mix off with our cool, serenely-styled paper straws.

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