Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Get in the Groove with these Back to School Projects!

 It's back to school season! Folders are being snatched from the shelves and first day of school outfits are ironed and ready to be flaunted in the hallways! Whether you're a teacher getting her classroom ready for all the new and nervous faces or you're a mom wanting to get her kiddos pumped for the year ahead, here are some fabulous and inspiring ideas we love to kick this exciting time off with a bang! 

School Teacher Vase Ideas
Create a fun little "nice to meet" you gift for your teacher or decorate your classroom in this easy way. All you need are some wildflowers to get it started!

Mini Milk Party Snacks
 Let's loosen up the kids and throw a back to school sleepover or BBQ! Mini milks and "paper bag lunch" treats are a must!

DIY Crayon Wreath
Have a bit of fun with your little ones and create this easy crayon wreath to get everyone excited for their first day back. Then again, this is another delightful and festive way to adorn the classroom!

Cute School Projects
Back to school party decor or classroom accents, we love the pink eraser "candies" and ready to grab scissors!

Smartie Pants Back to School Treat

This is a great way to break the ice in the classroom to end everyone's first day OR for mom's to stick in their son or daughter's lunch bag as a pick-me-up come cafeteria time.

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