Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sweet Sacks

Our sweet sacks are one of our most versatile products, as they can be used in and around every type and themed occasion. Today, we're showing off three adorable ideas using our sacks as more than a way to serve the candy. Favors, gifts ... we have colors and patterns for lots of different celebrations!

Ladybug Birthday Party Sweet Sacks Outside the Box Papers

Red with a smidge of bright, vivacious yellows. Ladybug cupcakes and a cute candy design. Top off a little one's ladybug themed birthday party with a to-go bag full of treats and favors! 

Teacher Gift Ideas Sweet Sacks Outside the Box Papers

Whether it's your favorite teacher or neighbor, a thoughtful, simple present can go a long way. Create a DIY mug, bake some honey cupcakes and stuff our sacks with delicious tea bags for a relaxing, yet, charming gift! 

Quit monkeying around! ... Unless it's time to party! Whether it's a "just for fun" neighborhood play date with the kids or a birthday party, monkey-themed celebrations are just so much fun. Pb&J sandwiches and sweet sacks filled with banana candy are both must-haves. 

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