Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Spring Party Themes We're Loving!

Spring is finally here and that means lots of time to entertain. Between sleepovers, birthday parties in the sun and friendly luncheons with the ladies, we decided it was time to share some party themes that fit perfectly in the realm of spring! Take a look!

 Skyfall: Kites, clouds, birds, sky blue shades and maybe even some tree tops throw into the mix. Celebrate with this soft, yet spring-induced style. 

kite and cloud party

 Calling all Clowns: You may think a circus theme birthday party or even a "grown up" dinner party is a bit outdated, but it's definitely coming back into style. With so many unique ideas and festive decor, it's one of the most fun to plan!

circus party

Rustic Retreat: Smore's bars and a fire pit are all you need to get this party started. More subtle and simple in the planning process, everyone loves a laid-back, campground get together. 

rustic party

Glowing: If you want something memorable, go with this trending idea. Glow sticks and black lights are an essential element of this festive, fun occasion.

glow in the dark party

Ice Cream Social: You're never too old or too young to have a great time at an ice cream party. There are so many ways to decorate a plan a party surrounded by everyone's favorite treat!

Ice Cream Party

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  1. Fun party themes! I like the glow light party! My boys would love that!