Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New Year's Eve Table Moodboards: The Right Feelings & Vibes

Here at Outside the Box Papers, we’re all about preparation and enjoying each and every bit of the planning process. Like we've said before, when it comes to a birthday party or a holiday dinner, it’s nice to let go of the stress and soak up the fun stuff. From picking out your centerpiece accents to setting the mood, every part of the design prep is an integral step in creating a top to bottom experience. That’s why today we wanted to bring you some feel good inspiration in the form of moodboards. We have three different moods and feelings in mind for a New Year's Eve party or dinner, so we took pieces of the season, paired them up and created a spot to help inspire the night. What do you want this year’s midnight to look like?

Shiny Future New Year's Eve 
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A bit more of a modern take on the traditional, metallic New Year's style. Design a table full of the shiny golds, charcoals and silvers, but add your own slick twist to every part of the landscape. From posh placemats and invites to cork favors, your guests will thrive in a stylish, yet cozy New Year's calling.

Colorful Youth New Year's Eve 
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It's natural to just go with silvers and golds for a New Year's Eve celebration. But why not go with something a bit more lively and youthful. With a bit of color you can transform an average New Year's dinner into a wild and trendy party and tablescape. From colored twinkle lights lining the dining room, to bright pink chargers on the table, get crafty and inspired!

Sparkly Glamour New Year's Eve 
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And a personal favorite of mine, sparkling glamour. From the plates to the food, glitter works for every holiday or celebration. Dress up yourself and have your table decked out in sequins and sparkle. You'll start the new year off with pop, pizazz and lots of style.

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