Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wrappin' Up With Our Wrapping Paper!

It could be someone's birthday, a thank you gift or just a for fun, "I'm thinking of you" present; whatever the case may be, part of a gift is how it's wrapped. Tied with a ribbon, topped with a bow, we're big advocates of creative displays and finishing off your neighbor's present with sass and style. That's why our unique, printed wrapping paper is one of our favorite products! Take a look at our four sets as we guide you through some unique ideas that aren't just for gift-giving!

Vintage Wrapping Paper 

With a vintage flair and newsprint style, this black and white wrapping paper set has one of my personal favorite sheets in the mix: musical notes! Wrap up your father's birthday gift in the stripes or cover an old frame with the traveler's stamps as a fun DIY project. This pack is for those that love unique and inspired spirits.

Antique Wrapping Paper Set 

A bit more whimsical than the first set, we love this antique, black and white paper just as much. With a more delicate, feminine flair, this paper is perfect for your teen's graduation gifts or a fun decoupaging project with you and your gal pals to try!

Pastel Print Wrapping Paper 

O, the fun you will have with this assortment of goodies. The presents will pop or your craft room will have a new arrangement of ingredients for the most perfect new creative project. How adorable will your little's ones first birthday presents be dressed with some of these imaginative and playful prints?

Vintage Wrapping Paper 

A bit more subtle and simple in design, this paper is perfect for mixing and matching with more vibrant and colorful styles. Use them as book covers or the foundation to an amazing housewarming or bridal shower gift with its old-age spirit and homey vibes.


  1. These are such cute ideas! I am actually horrible at wrapping presents. (not sure how that happened!) They never look just right! Luckily, my fiance was taught how to do it perfectly so hopefully this year I'll pick up some of his skills :)

  2. Don't worry Darcy, my dad taught me to wrap and let's just say, he didn't have the best skills and didn't pass any good ones off to me. BUT, with great wrapping paper your presents ALWAYS look fab!